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Album Ideas for Long Way From Here

Some cover ideas for my friend Dave.
Check him out here:

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IF: Strings

Finally back at IF. It took forever to get the scanner working. Kind of. If you know how to get Photoshop to recognize a new scanner let me know.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The following are a few websites I've worked on. Some may have evolved since I last had a hand in the look.

site design and construction

site design and construction, flash elements

site design and construction

TIA (Thousand Island Arts)
site design

a poster from last year

This is a poster I did last year for an even in Kingston. I was in Halifax, so I don't know if it ever made it into print, but I really liked it.

Learning to Love You More

I am trying to move things from my website on to blogger, because I will be shutting mine down in the new year. So the following is nearly a year old, but they are Great assignments and really worth taking some time to think on. You can check them out online at:

December 6, 2007
So, Sarah got this book for her birthday from the lovely Lise and I've been feeling a bit bummed, what with the lack of light outside and the Novembers/Early Decembers - is it Spring yet? So I thought I'd do some of the assignments and post them here.



Hey, Dad?!Yes...How are things up there?Sunny, with lots of ice cream, thinner bodies and a lot more hair up on top!We miss you a lot.I miss you too.A few times when I've been really sad thinking about you, I've seen Blue Jays and it made me smile I knew it was you :)Yeah. How's your mom?She's doing really well since the stroke. SHe probably won't ever go back to work. She had an assessment a few weeks ago that she was nervous about, but I think it will all work out. She's got a man friend - Al. He moved in at the end of the Summer. He sometimes does things that remind me of you. It's a bit weird though, I think it's hard for Kenz. But, it's good to know Mom's not alone. Especially since I'm in Halifax.
I keep an eye on her, and Kenz will be okay. But how is Halifax treaing you?
It's pretty good. We moved from North Street to Barrington Street, so we're right downtown. I wish you could have visited though. It is a great city and Mom would have made you go on the Harbour Hopper! I think Sarah and I are going to come back to Ontario when she finishes though. It's home :)
I know your Mom would like that.
Yeah she would.
Do you remember a few weeks before you died - one night we were watching West Wing and I think that you were pretty doped up, and you thought that you were in the show and Mom and I laughed at you. I'm sorry about that, It was just heart breaking and funny all at the same time, so much of taht time was.
I know it was.
I'm glad we played all those games. But I'm sorry I didn't ask you more about how you were feeling, if you were scared. I guess I just really didn't think that you would die.
Everyone dies. But it's not the end.
Do you remember the night you died and we were all there? Mom, Kenz, Sue & Jim, Matt, Kim and Me. We talked about Book 7 of Harry Potter and what might happen. I'm sure you've read it by now. What did you think?
It dragged a bit in the middle, but it would have been hard to write the last one.
It's true. I've also been reading The Lord of the Rings, they are really good books. I might check out the Simarilion after and also Sho Gun, you were always trying to get me to read those.
I knew you would like them, but you're to stubborn to listen to me.
I know, we've come along way though, you and me.
We have. I love you, and I'm pround of you. You know that right.
I do. I love you Dad.
I love you too. Look after your mom and pet Coal for me.
Say hi to everyone there.
I will. Goodbye.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my Dad's death. He was diagnosed with Cancer on the 3rd of February 2006 and died December 7, 2006. I guess I spent quite a lot of time with a dying person, but it never seemed life that in my head. I guess before it happened I woul have thought that a dying person was different, but it is a person, a person that you love.
We played so many games, and watched shows and were just together. There was one day that he really wanted to go outside. He had been in and out of the hospital over the course of his illness and it was in the fall a really cool day, but we went and sat by the waterfront in Kingston, alongside lake Ontario and it was just a perfect afternoon. We sat together and read and talked. He was reading that Lance Armstrong book and I think I was reading a Harry Potter for the 10th time. I have a few pictures from that day. But I think the whole experience taught me about being present about facing fears and above all about love.