Tuesday, April 28, 2009

School's Out

Today I submitted my final marks and cleaned out my drawer. It looks like I will be back at SLC in the fall and I will have lots of prep to do over the Summer to get ready for the Fall course and re-vamp the Winter courses, but I won't have to be at the college for a good long while.

I have a few other design projects on the go and I hope to wrap them up during May, then the plan is to work on a number of projects including getting some merch together for an Etsy shop and for some upcoming festivals. There is also the cleaning, painting, packing and unpacking involved with moving so I'm sure to keep busy!

A Pro Bono Piece

After surviving at stroke in 2006, my mom has become quite the survivor's advocate. She asked me to do a poster for an upcoming event. This is it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

God Sent Gravy

Tuesday night kd Lang played in our fair city at the K-Rock Centre. SAS was sick so I had to call in H to be my date. As a young girl H thought the lyrics to 'Constant Craving' were 'God Sent Gravy,' we giggled about this during the show and yesterday I just had to make a fake album cover with the new song title.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Just a little doodle I did BEFORE it snowed.

The Traveling Journal Exchange

I just finished my entry for the Great Traveling Journal Exchange, a joint project with 2 of oldest and dearest friends and I am actually please with what I made this time around. I was going to post them here, but figured that I should wait until everyone has had a chance to see them.

I was thinking that when we finish the books, we should have a show, perhaps as a way to lure KHK back to Ontario!