Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trip Wrap Up

I was so diligent at the beginning, posting pictures and giving a daily post, but I ran out of steam. From Victoria we headed east on the 10th with stops near Lake Louise, Medicine Hat, Kenora, Minden and finally Kingston. On our way through Alberta we stopped at the Calgary Zoo, the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum and The Royal Tyrell Museum.

It was a long and tiring drive. Ontario is too big.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 6: Victoria

Sister, KHK and I went to Miniature World late morning today. It was cool if a bit creepy given the dedication of the model makers. There was the whole Canadian rail line in miniature form! And many great battles and a whole circus area. We all liked it but were getting hungry by the end.

We had intended to go to the bug museum as well, but there was some definite unhappiness about lunch so after we finally decided on a place we ate, then walked through the market and came back to J&Ks for a nap. Now some dinner and car packing are in order! Tomorrow we leave bright and early in hopes of hitting the Num Ti Jah lodge for the night and packing up the rest of Sister's things for the big trek east.

Day 5: Botanical Bay, Vancouver Island

We got up and had fantastic French Toast made be KHK and then slowly got ready for a cool, grey day at the beach. Sister drove the winding roads just past Port Renfrew to Botanical Beach where we had a lot of fun mucking about and taking photos in the tidal pools.

Between the three of us we took over 500 photos so that was just a sampling. On the way home we stopped at the Coastal Kitchen Cafe (I think) and shared Fish 'n' Chips, a big salad and sweet potato fries. It was tasty! KHK and I totally crashed in the car for a bit on the ride home.

As we re-entered the city I wanted to check out some flip flops at MEC, but it was closed. We came back to K&Js, transfered and looked at photos and then went to bed.

It was a fantastic day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 4: En Route to Victoria

We left Kamloops around 9 after a Timmy's pit stop and a gas up. We drove straight through to Vancouver and entered the city in a really sketchy area with a lot of strung out homeless folks. There was also a lot of construction and Sister was cursing the standard transmission.

We got to Stanley Park and made a picnic, then went to check out the Aquarium. There was a mad line up to get in, over an hour and a lot of children. So, we opted to check the gift shop and get back on the road.

Heading from Vancouver to the ferry was less stressful than getting into the city and the trusty gps kept us on track. We missed the 3 pm ferry, but were easily on the 4pm! We landed at K&J's somewhere around 6:30 and had a little chill time and then headed out for dinner. We went to Rebar and then wandered around the night market before heading home for tea and bed.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 3: On the Road to Kamloops

It is 10:33 local time and we have landed in another Bird nest for the night. It was fun to see Kamloops in the dark and I'm sure it will b even more exciting in the morning on our way out. We head off to Victoria tomorrow to visit K&J for the weekend.

Much more to come once I've had a little shut eye.

Burnt out trees en route to Kamloops

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 2: Edmonton Folk Fest Pre-Show

After a relaxing morning I met up with my friend D and checked out a few comic shops, strolled along Whyte Ave. and ate a killer tofu club!

I came back to the Bird's nest and got supper going for Bird and Sister. It was a buzz with the Sister arrival and we ate quickly. Then busted out to get to the concert. I had never seen picture of the Edmonton Folk Fest, but it is huge and on a super steep hill. It made me think that Hillside in Guelph could use a re-name. We really far away, but close to a big screen. The opener was Meagan Smith who I had actually seen open for kd Lang in Kingston. Then... Tracy Chapman. She was awesome! Fast Car live! Then Sarah McLachlan was fantastic too!

Festival Poster

Sarah McLachlan is on stage there!

Bird, Me and Tracy

Tracy Chapman!

It was a great kick off to our Sister Sister Trans Canada Road Trip.

Now, to Kamloops!

Sister Sister Trans Canada Adventure

I arrived in Edmonton yesterday late morning and crashed at the Bird's! I spent most of the day dozing through Wonderfalls (funny show), then showered and hit the grocery, liquor and drug store before the Bird landed in from Brandon. We drank a rumbo and then went to have dinner at Mustard and Rocco's; spicy stir-fry and a few more rumbos!

Bird and I walked home after dinner and crashed. It was a good first day of the trip!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bathroom Update

I finally got the bathroom painted and I think it looks great! It was a dusty pink/peach colour and now is a very light mint(?) I didn't save the swatch so I don't have the official name. I also painted all of the towel/toilet paper holding fixtures a flat black with Tremclad. SAS hung new art in there and it feels like our very own space!


We realized quite quickly that Finnegan needed a companion so after scouring the Humane Society Site and visiting 2 shelter locations we decided on Levi (formerly Opie). He is a little unsure about being licked up, but he likes to curl up and be pet and he loves to groom and play with Finnegan!

They are quite cute together and will meow to each other if they are in different rooms. We have also realized, since getting svelte Levi, that Finnegan is a little over his ideal body weight.