Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Memphis + Graceland

I wasn't really away that long, but I was totally delinquent in my blog updating so here is the rest of the trip south:

A fantastic bbq place off the highway just on the way out of Missouri, we stopped on the way back through to pick up a pie!

Site of the National Civil Rights Museum (Memphis) where Martin Luther King Jr was shot. Fantastic facility and spooky to the room where he died and the so stand from the vantage point of the shooter.

Walking on Beale Street.

More bbq at Marlowe's also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They picked us up and dropped us off in this pink limo! Just minutes from Graceland!

Yes friends, it was everything and more.

The gates of Graceland, we didn't see the ghost of Elvis, but we saw a lot of his tacky stuff!

The dining room complete with EP etched glassware, so Elvis could say all the drinks were his ;)

The whole family is buried in the back yard.

There were a lot more pictures, but one really have to see Graceland to believe it!

The rest of the trip was fairly low key. Just hanging with the fam, some more cheap shopping and packing the car. We managed to have at least twice as much stuff coming home!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Big Day in the City

D and I started the day off with a bike ride on Grant's trail, which starts just a few kilometers away from the house and takes you past the Budweiser Clydesdale farm and Ulysses S. Grant's place. (This is a shot from in the city, but Grant's trail is pretty nice!) After the ride D and I had smoothies at a nice cafe in Kirkwood, then it was back to the house to prepare for a marathon day.

A, G and I headed to the 'Arch' a must see attraction in St. Louis. The wait to go up the arch was several hours, so we looked around at the museum underneath and then headed along to our next destination.

The old court house, which had a great ceiling and lots of great exhibits was showing a film about Dred Scott. He was a slave the sued for his freedom and won it after 11 years of court proceedings. Yikes!

From the court house G lead us to Union Station, via City Hall.

A little ode to HP. We talked to each other in the whispering walls, some kid of architectural anomaly in the arches of the building and then decided it was time for lunch

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, where G found the set list to a Pearl Jam show that he attended in Singapore!? I must confess that I have been doing a lot of meat eating on this great American adventure and indulged in a tasty bbq pulled pork sandwich at the Hard Rock. It was great!

On the way through Union Station we noticed a 3D, Glow-in-the-Dark, Mini Putt and decided it would be our first stop after lunch. G scored 2 hole-in-ones. It was perfectly tacky, but the 3D glasses did our heads in.

After hearing rave reviews of City Museum from Sara Quinn (of Tegan & Sara) and my friend Mustard Gas we headed there after handing over our putters.

There are only a few pictures here, but I'm not sure that any photos would do this place justice. It is the craziest jungle gym ever! With hazards and tackiness at every turn. I wish I had the energy and the stature to appreciate it to it's full potential. If you are ever within 5 hours of this place you should make the trek!

G and I had briefly thought about going to a hockey game in the evening, but after all the walking and sight seeing we were done for the day.

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Easter Sunday we all went for a walk around The Laumeier Sculpture Park, it was a beautiful setting and a lot of fun. This is just a small sample of the eclectic exhibit. G + company made a fantastic lamb dinner in the evening and I had some. It was very tasty with the mint sauce.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gaslite Lane, Botanical Gardens, Tegan + Sara, Birthday Celebrations

All sorts of things are in bloom here in St. Louis. This is a magnolia tree just up the street from D+C's.

G + K with the magnolia tree.

Friday afternoon we piled in the car and went to a kick ass Indian restaurant called Everest and then walked off the huge lunch at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

In the entrance stairwell there was a huge Chihuly sculpture. I was super excited about this (as many of you know I am a bit obsessed with Chihuly) I guess a few years ago he had a whole installation at the gardens.

This was an old building that was converted into a green house so there were lots of neat plants inside and birds too as all the windows and doors were open.

Cute ducks.


Chinese Garden.

Friday night G, A and I went to see Tegan + Sara at the Pageant Theatre. There was a little confusion with ID (there is a whole book of ID info that bouncer types have. Who knew?!) and we called an SOS in to D to bring A's passport. We hadn't planned to drink, but once that was sorted and we could get into the over 21 area we decided drinks were in order! Holly Miranda and Steel Train opened (Holly Miranda was great, Streel Train good) and then Tegan + Sara played the best show I've seen them play. It was a really long set list and they seem to have matured a lot as performers.

For all of the fans out there, here is the set list:
"The Ocean"
"On Directing"
"The Cure"
"You Wouldn't Like Me"
"I Bet It Stung"
"The Con"
"Night Watch"
"Red Belt"
"Soil, Soil"
"Monday, Monday, Monday"
"Where Does the Good Go"
"Speak Slow"
"Walking With a Ghost"
"So Jealous"
"Hop a Plane"
"Sentimental Tune"

"Back In Your Head"
"Dark Come Soon"
"Call It Off"
"Living Room"

I also had to get a hoodie! It's pretty great. There is a review of the show here.

Saturday was C's 60th birthday. We had a relaxed morning and A, C and I went to a fantastic quilting shop called the Quilted Fox. C has driven past over the past 9 years and never gone in. The ladies there were great and prices were a lot cheaper than in Canada. A and I went a little crazy with the buying (see above), but I have a feeling that we will return before we leave. They a great selection of Australian fabrics. A was super excited and nearly cleaned out their stock.

They also ship to Canada if you order enough.

We all tried to go to the 'Boat House' for lunch which was in Forest Park, but it was mad busy, so we went to the central west end (an area that seemed really cool) and had lunch on a patio! Then checked out a great indie book store. We did pop into a crazy big mall to go to the Apple store b/c one of C's birthday gifts was a Time Capsule to backup all of her files (I think I might invest in one soon).

We returned to Gaslite Lane for a fancy lobster dinner (I tried it, didn't really like it). We ate outside and also talked with the rest of the Hewitt clan in Australia via Skype.

The trip has been fantastic so far, and the eating has been just as good.

Stay tuned.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Things in America

We saw two of these giant crosses en route from Ohio to St. Louis. We also saw some sweet billboards; "Jesus is real, " and "If you die today, where will you be spending eternity?" Heavy stuff for sleepy, car bound travelers.

I fell asleep in Buffalo and Woke up in Cleveland

After some delays the fearless travelers G, A + K (henceforth known as GAK) departed Kingston on Wednesday night heading south west toward St. Louis.

They quickly realized that things in America are a lot bigger than in Canada. Like beverages. Large isn't the word for soft drinks in the US of A.

GAK checked into the Lovely Hilton Garden Hotel in downtown Cleveland for a few hours of sleep and then on to the best little diner ever! Lucky's Cafe, check it out here.

Wall Hanging #2

I haven't been blogging, but I have been sewing. Here are some details of a work in progress. Lots of top stitching to come.