Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 'New' Space

So, I'm not totally finished with the set up, but this is where I've set up the sewing table. It is a bit hot near the window in the Summer, but I am looking forward to watching the leaves change while I sew this Fall.

It's a great view of the yard!

Lots of inspiration tacked up on the walls.

The tools.

Pressing station.

Some of the stash. Did I mentioned that I need to get organized?!

My machine is back from a servicing and I might just get distracted from the organizing by some much anticipated sewing! Check back soon :)

Washing and Pressing

A few weeks ago I decided that I need to get organized and I found a big box of fabric that had been given to my mum with a lot of older prints. I finally got them all washed and pressed and have been in the process of cutting all this fabric into 5"x5" squares. I want to use them for some charm blankets and some broken dishes blankets. I also hope to do some of them to practice quilt as you go, but first all that cutting!

If you are interested in some vintage fabric charm squares, let me know, I'm always up for a trade.

This little stash arrived yesterday and has been rinsed and pressed, next I'll cut of the selvage ends for the great selvage projects and then fold them away until I'm ready for them. More owls and some urban circus!

Run Run Run

Yesterday I completed my longest run yet. It was 14 km and it was hot and humid out. I was definitely cranky near the end, but as my running buddy reminded me it will be a lot easier in October. After a hot chocolate and a shower I felt like I had definitely accomplished something. Just 7 more kilometers to go for the big half marathon race!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reorganize Resolutions

Unlike most of the western world I always feel like September marks the beginning of a new year. I think it's because my birthday is in mid-September and so many years of school has trained me to look at the fall as an exciting time, filled with new possibilities!

In that light I have sent my sewing machine off to be cleaned and I have been reorganizing my studio space, going through piles of fabric and patterns, cutting and pinning new projects and generally de-cluttering.

Photos of the new tidy space to come soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WAF Booth

The following are pics from my first festival, the Kingston Women's Art Festival. It was a dreary day with some rain in the afternoon, but there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in my work. Sales were lower than I had hoped, but I made back my entrance fee and bit more.

Me and the sister (cash box controller).

Placemats, pot holders, bookmarks, coasters.

Small table set with placemats, napkins and table runner.

Shadow boxes with mini art quilts (I'll post some better pics of these).

Pillows and some old prints I thought I'd bring along.

More old prints.

It was a good day all in all and I am ready to get back to the sewing table and work on some things that I started before festival prep took over.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camera's AWOL

There has been much sewing lately, but my camera is on loan to V who capturing 3 week old kittens on virtual film. Much more exciting than sewn projects. I have also ordered some more fabric; Teeny Tiny Zoo on sale!? and a few patterns. The art fest is fast approaching and I am going to pull out the dining tent that I hope to use for the festival. It's a bit dusty looking but keep your fingers crossed that it is still usable!

More soon.