Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Another Manic Tuesday

I finished sewing the binding on this mini-quilt/table runner?! last night.

Charlie gave lots of moral support curled up on my lap as I stitched away.

I also started 2 small wall hangings a few nights ago. They both have a thick wool fabric background and lots of wool couched on top with lots of stitching.

I'm not sure what they will turn out like, but I'm having fun!

This morning I was working away on my website. I have a show coming up and wanted to get new business cards printed and thought that I should have something up on my site to actually show people! YIKES! It should be up any running now. I will add a link to the blog.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going the Distance

Today I ran 21 kms! I was supposed to go to Niagara Falls to run in the International Race in the half marathon, but it didn't pan out, so I decided that I would still do the distance here in K-town. The farthest I had run before today was 18 kms and I knew that I could complete the distance, but it felt really good to do it!

It started raining before I hit the 2 hour mark and so I ran for over a half-hour in the rain, but otherwise it was a pretty good day for running. I got to try out my new merino wool glove liners and a new base layer tank I bought for longer runs. It is long enough that when I wear the dorky water belt it doesn't ride up.

If you are thinking about taking up running, do it! I just started running in a regular way this spring and I certainly had no intentions of running a half marathon, but I did! It will give you lots of time to contemplate fabrics and patterns ;)

Happy running + sewing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Just In!

When I heard the opening and closing of the milk door where my mail arrives this morning I checked right away. And there it was, a package from Pink Chalk with the sale items I ordered last week. I got 1/2 yards of some David Walker, Robots! along with a few other assorted patterns. I can't wait to get slicing and piecing.

But, first things first. This little giraffe wall hanging? Baby quilt? has started to take shape with some stitching. Stay tuned to see her evolve!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Animal House

It's been a hectic few days in our little house. Finnegan the fat orange cat went on an adventure that kept him out of the house for over 36 hours. We were a little worried, but our friend and neighbour heard a meeeeeeeeow in the bushes at the church yard a few doors down and returned him home!

The Charlie Bean, always a help in the sewing room ;)

I started this yesterday, I am thinking it might be the start of a small quilt with irregular block sizes?! Keep your eyes peeled. Also keep a look out for a few finished quilts. I was at the quilt shop today getting backing and binding for a few tops you've seen before!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some New Pieces + My Feline Helper

In preparation for a show in November I've started making scarves. Any long time blog followers will remember the scarves I made last fall/Christmas time. I have decided that I will try to use up my tie stash and have gone for a narrower, shorter scarf this season. Here is one in blues and greens paired with a navy Kona solid.

Signature initials (I have to remember to do this on other work too!)

Zig zag, this is a little mini quilt or wall hanging using some urban circus paired with some vintage solids and cut into half square triangle blocks. I am quite pleased with the look of it and will definitely do some larger zig zag quilts.

Mr. Finnegan checking out the vintage charm squares.


In The Works

I decided to use a FQ bundle of Keiki's Tweet Tweet fabric in a Split Rail Fence quilt top. Now I am trying to decide what to do for boarder/back/binding which means another trip to the quilt shop!

This was a really easy block to do, especially sewing strips, there a few nine patches thrown in for good measure.

This will likely be a crib or lap quilt, but has no home just yet. IF you would like to give it a home, let me know :)

I have another FQ bundle of Tweet Tweet in a different colour way, now for a pattern...