Friday, October 14, 2011

Table Runner Update

Here is the table runner all quilted up.

I just have to finish hand stitching the binding.

I really like the red on purple on the 'back.'

A little detail.

Home Projects

Between the sewing and the eating over Thanksgiving, J and I got some other things done around the house.

Our house is over 90 years old and the kitchen has a cupboard that housed a fold out ironing board.

Now it's a sweet spice cupboard!

The stones at the front of the house which my parents laid about 10 years had all broken so J and I put down new flag stone!

It's a great time of year for these projects! Next, putting on the storm windows.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Commissions Started

Amidst the wonderful smells of turkey dinner cooking and the whines of an incredibly needy dog, I was able to start piecing a table runner. It will be reverseable so either side may be the top.

It is the first of many pieces for a client in Ithaca. I can't wait to get quilting it and I think there may be a little applique in there too!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've had this stash of button down shirts I collected at the thrift store waiting for use for ages. Now that fall has arrived and scarf season is in full swing, the time was nigh.

Based on a scarf that J has I pieced two shirts together to make a light fall scarf.

Here is Charles modelling. There will be a few more of these by the end of the day!

What are you upcycling?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Thursday morning I moved the furniture in the living room around, sent the cats outside and locked the dogs out of the room so that J could help me baste the quit for our bed.

Initially I balked at the 505 spray baste, citing air pollution and excess use of chemicals, then I quilted a few bigger pieces using hundreds of safety pins and I was a spray baste convert.

The top stuck down the the batting.

The back stuck to the batting. It's a bit wrinkly on the back, but I am hoping that will resolve with quilting and washing will hide and little blips.

Quilting commences this afternoon! I can't wait to snuggle under this one especially with the official arrival of fall.