Friday, January 13, 2012

Pecking Away

I was hoping to have this done before Christmas, but with the gastro flu and usual holiday madness it's only about half quilted at this point.

This was going to be the back of the Greatest Hits quilt, but J really liked it and asked if we could have 2 quilts for our bed. I was thinking this could be the Summer quilt.

In procrastination and resolution spirit, I decided earlier this week to do some house rearranging. The pets have been on high activity since the cool weather has hit, they have also been tracking in mud, shedding more (I'm sure) and generally getting a little cabin fever along with me. So, I have surrendered my studio to them. The room is just off the back of the house where the exit and enter and has a wacky paper/varnish floor that they can hurt. I moved the la-z-boy in and all of the dog beds. My computer station is still in there and the wardrobe that formerly had all kinds of sewing things is now full of shoes, coats and outdoor accessories.

It's a bit of a bummer to be studio-less at the moment, but I think that having a dog free livingroom/dining room will help with the sanity. And I can take over the dining table for big projects and the light is great in the front of the house.

Now I just have to figure out where to put the cats ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of year FOs (Finished Objects)

Somehow I have managed to get behind and the year has just started!

Below are a couple of finished items I got under the wire of 2011.

My second, Greatest Hits (a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman) queen-sized quilt is done and on the bed! It is pretty cozy! There is some Innocent Crush and Hope Valley, as well as a number of other fabric favourites included!


Pieced back.

My second finished project was for J and was something that she requested months ago, but I got it ready in time to go in her stocking. It was a bicycle tube protector. She had seen these at a fancy online bike shop and thought I could make something more fun. It protects your tube from getting scratched when you lean it up against things to lock up. I forget what the fabric is, but it reminded me of Angry Birds and it went with the bike colours.

J was pretty pleased, now I just have to make them for her other 3 bikes ;)

And for my bike too!

J was ashamed of my rusty old, 2nd hand outfit and just like a little kid, I opened a card with a picture of a new bike for Christmas. It arrived earlier this week and the pedals aren't on yet, but I am already in love!