Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Class Projects

 My friend Alli and I took a 4 week class at our local quilt shop Quilt & Stitch, in Quilt design. Beth, the instructor, is a great teacher with a wealth of experience.

These are the major projects that I worked on over the course of the class and I have a lot to do to finish them off, but they were great exercises and make me go in a few different directions.

 I want to do some stitching on this one and then wash it and see what happens with the fray. I think it could add to the bird/feather look.

The little post card was inspired by a Japanese quilting book that I have, Quilting: Line and Colour that uses a lot of white and small bits of colour. I still need to finish the satin stitch boarder.


Last night I worked with strip piecing. I had been wanting to use some of my overflowing selvage stash on this project and I think that the red/pink/purple really worked with the grey. I think it will end up a wall hanging or over-sized placemat?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CD Design - SWO

Over the past few months I have been working on CD art for a local Kingston band; Swamp Ward Orchestra. I just uploaded the files to dropbox and am awaiting the thumbs up that the files are okay.

I have never had a CD design go to press, so this is an exciting project. Print projects are my favourite because there is an end point and a tangible object in the end. I can't wait to hold it while I listen to the beautiful tunes.