Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

 This hot, humid Summer has been an energy drain for me, but every time I walk the dogs I appreciate that I can sweat!

J and I have 3 dogs (and 4 cats), but my mom's little daxie Bridget has been visiting regularly over the past month. They are a motley crew out on a walk, but really not as big a handful as you might think (unless a squirrel runs by, then all bets are off). I often overhear people say, "I think she's a dog walker." I am, but not by trade, just by necessity.

After a walk the dogs all eat and then crash somewhere. B has really taken a shine to Charlie and tends to curl up wherever he is. They are snuggled up on my very first quilt.

Bicycles and Cameras

I started this quilt for some dear friends, K&C, in Montreal. K is a photographer and C is cycling enthusiast, so bikes and cameras seemed essential for a quilt for their little bundle of joy.

I have used the Japanese camera print sparingly and was happy to have some to use for this project, I have also picked up a couple bicycle prints in NYC with these folks in mind. Of course, I didn't use a pattern and had blocks of all different sizes. I wasn't quite sure how to put it all together, but these were some ideas:

In the end it looked like this:

It isn't a great example of technical skill, but it was pretty cute and was hand delivered well before baby Isla arrived!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is Why I Have Been AWOL

Forgive me Blogger for I have sinned it has been over three months since my last post. But I have been busy!

In late April J and I started renovating the upstairs loft space. It is really a great space, but one that we weren't using effectively. It had an nasty old carpet that the pets had peed on umpteen times, it needed a new floor, paint and some tlc.

First we pulled out the carpet...

Finnegan helped... My dear friend M, an engineer and home improvement enthusiast helped build the window seat, which added storage and a great reading nook.

We patched, sanded and painted, the colour is Martha Stewart's 'Glass of Milk'. I replaced all of the old outlets, which had been painted over several times with white fixtures and face plates. Then our good friend MM convinced us that we could indeed install the hardwood ourselves. She was right and we were pretty proud to complete that job.

We weren't entirely sure what this space would be used for, a lounge area for sure, but as the work progressed, it became obvious that this would be our bedroom.

In addition to these improvements we had new windows installed, which really brighten things up and have increased the air flow. The furniture is in and the finishing touches are in the works. A final post will come soon!