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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pets Worth Sharing

So if you follow the blog you have seen several pets helping with various projects over the years and people often ask J and if we are dog walkers when they see us out with our 3 pooches. We also have 4 feline friends which brings the pet count to a lucky number 7.

Charlie is featured here with his winter get-up, he gets cold and needs a coat, but this year he was really fancy about walking with his bare feet once the temperature dipped below freezing. He doesn't love getting his boots on and walks around shaking his feet for the first few minutes, but then gets going once we are outside. I never wanted to be on of 'those' pet people, but all of the gear makes walks much more fun for all of us!

So it goes without saying that I like animals and there are few great animal links I frequent, I hope you enjoy!

Maddie (and check out Maddie's book!)

If only we had more wall space for pet photos!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Stitch a Lot, Blog a Little

So there is no excuse for my extreme blog slacking. There were a few projects that were gifts and I had to wait for them to be delivered before posting.

Featured above is my baby friend Matilda and that quilt under her was a gift from yours truly. I had been wanting to try a mostly white design with some little scrappy bits. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, so was Tilly's Mom.

Over the course of the fall I took several upholstery classes and have some updated furniture pieces to showcase. Another special quit and some Christmas gifts were also completed, but I forgot to photo graph most of them.

More to come soon. I promise!